Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spotlight on learning for the week of September 12-16

Reading/Language Arts: We are learning to track text from left to right and top to bottom and make predictions from pictures and titles.  We are learning that sentences are made of separate words and that we need to know the difference between letters, words, and sentences.  We are also beginning to understand that capital letters are always at the beginning of sentences and punctuation marks at the end. 

Letters and Sounds: Oo, Cc

Rhyming and non rhyming words: We are learning that rhyming words have the same middle and ending sounds.

Science: We will learning about our 5 senses

Writing:  We are learning to draw pictures, add details, and make our picture match what we say.

Sight Words: can, he, she, we, be

Math: Subtraction using number stories.

Important Information and things to review:
Check information and behavior calendar each night and initial
Try to complete at least three homework activities each week
Recognizing the numerals 0-30
Addition using number stories
Letters and sounds
Review sight words each night
Send a small snack for snack time
Wear athletic shoes to school.  Your child may change shoes after PE.
Review classroom rules and expected behavior

Important Dates:
Progress Reports go home September 12
Curriculum Night September 27th, 6:00-7:30 

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