Sunday, October 30, 2011

So proud of myself.....I made some printables to share! I finally got busy making my own documents to use in the classroom like all the ones I have seen on Pinterest and all those wonderful teaching blogs.  I am so proud of myself...that I figured out how to upload them and take a picture of them to put on my blog!

None of these ideas are my own but the work is!  Some of my inspiration came from The Inspired Apple I want to make sure she gets credit!  Her ideas are great!  I am going to use these docs to practice sight words and color words.  Click on each image to download through Google Docs.



connie said...

I love these!!!
Any chance I can get a copy without the d'nealian writing? Thanks - my email is

Sharon said...

I am making some new ones with birds, snowmen, and penguins. I will make a set that is not d'nealian. Will that work?