Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spotlight on Learning for October 3-6

Reading/Language Arts:   We will continue to discuss vocabulary and the reason for learning new words.  We will read Harry the Dirty Dog and A Chair for My Mother.  

Social Studies:  We will learn about Columbus Day.

Letters and Sounds: Ii- as in igloo, Gg- as in goat.

Writing: We have been talking about spacing in words and sentences.  Words have spaghetti noodle spaces between each letter (only enough room for a spaghetti noodle) and sentences have meatball spaces between words.

Sight Words: big, little, it, in, go

Math: We will be learning about spatial relationships.  We will identify when an object is beside, above, below, in front of, behind, inside, or outside of another object.

Important Information and things to review:
I am scheduling conferences for the first grading period.  Please look for a schedule in your child's book bag.
Review sight words each night.
Send a small snack for snack time (no juice).

October Birthdays:
3-Ms. McBee
21-Miss Ashley
Important Dates:
Oct. 7 and 10---Columbus Day Holiday 
Oct. 11---MSES Zaxby's Night 
Oct. 13---MSES Fall Festival
Oct. 17---Report Cards go home
Oct. 18---Picture Day 
Oct. 25---Field Trip to Poppell's Farm Pumpkin Patch
Oct. 27---MSES Domino's Pizza Night
Oct. 31-Nov. 4---Book Fair in Media Center

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