Saturday, December 10, 2011

The last of the Gingerbread fun for this year!

Wow!  My kinder kids had a blast with all the gingerbread activities. Here are a few more of our Gingerbread activities.

Gingerbread man bubble map

Gingerbread man find the number.  Get it here.

Great free printable emergent reader from Deanna Jump.  Get it here.

Gingerbread Girl flow map all filled in. Get it here.
We graphed which part of the cookie we ate first.

Gingerbread man teen number sequencing.  This is similar to the one on mrsleeskinderkids.blogspot page.  Click here. I have no idea why this is upside down!

As we wound it all up this week, I am a little sad to put it all away again until next year.  But......I am excited about the new gingerbread stories I have found to add to my collection for next year.  Check them out!

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